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 02/12/2020 “My husband and I have been client’s of Kathy for approximately 10 years now. She has done an exceptional job on our taxes looking at every possible option to get us back the most each year on our tax return. It’s why we are loyal clients and will continue with her every year. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to get the best refund they possibly can. She makes it very easy and we appreciate those efforts! As a bonus her friendly Office Staff is very helpful and always return a phone call promptly.”  -S

 02/10/2020 " I have been a client of Kathy for several years and have found her to be dependable, trustworthy and confidential. She found all the best deductions I could take and for the first time I have received a refund and not pay the IRS. Thank you Kathy!"         -HC 


  ‚Äč02/10/2020 " Good Job! Anytime we call you, you alwayts return our call." - M